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Most beat battles and producer showcases are tailored to industry professionals. Those who attend usually critique a producer on technical aspects of producing, but how would a general party crowd respond?

B.L.A.P. (Beats Love Alcohol Party) was created to answer that question. Take a group of producers - a couple of known veterans and a few undiscovered talents, put them in front of a party and tell them to play their beats - it's that simple. What separates B.L.A.P. from similar events is the interaction between the average music fan and the taste makers, as well as it's casual nature. Instead of the producers being judged by a panel of their peers, they are attempting to keep the crowd rocking.

There is no stage and patrons are encouraged to dance. For the party goer unaware of the scene it becomes a new experience. For the industry pro, the laid back atmosphere provides a more comfortable arena to network & find their next hit producer. Created in September of 2009 by !llmind, multi-platinum producer for artists like 50 Cent, Ludacris, Dr Dre & more, who knows who will show up for this event series. Soon enough, everyone will know at B.L.A.P.

The MPC Becomes the Turntable.
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